What the hell is going on?!

Oh, nothing extraordinary. There are two space invaders, kind of tomb raiders, or another treasure hunters, you know. One has a sword, another a flame thrower. They are looking for great ancient technology hidden in stone plates. stone plates locate on the unexplored planets, contain into usuals stones. Its all sounds awesome, but local wild tribes don't give it to you without a fight. C'mon, stop reading, just try to play it!


First character: WASD: Moving, H: Attack

Space: switch characters (if you play single, use it!)

Press M to toogle sounds!

Second character: Arrows Moving, L: Attack (for multiplayer)

Good luck with you invades!

Can you get the highscore?!

Please give me feedback at LudumDare!


Ancient Invaders Windows (LD36 version).zip 11 MB

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